About Artshare

Artshare delivers the intelligence needed to enable your business to fully utilize technology. Artshare believes that creativity and innovation are key to the success of modern companies. Through its projects, the company aims to develop solutions that combine art and technology for the development of processes, products and services based on human needs and values.

Yamina Aouina (Cartier, Luxury Group), Filip Visnjic (CreativeApplications.Net), Alexander Mankowsky (Daimler) & Luis Miguel Girão (Artshare), 2016 STARTS-Prize Nomination Committee, photo by Florian Voggeneder

With an innovation cycle that promotes collaborative, immersive and disruptive activities, Artshare aims to stimulate innovation ecosystems that can help accelerate the digital transformation of industries and companies, both public and private.

Artistic Exploration

Artshare presents the latest technologies in digital innovation, such as Artificial Intelligence, Virtual and Augmented Reality and Internet of Things, in a creative environment with the help of artistic representations.

Hilbert Hotel, by Evelina Domnitch and Dmitry Gelfand, Near+Future+Quasi+Worlds Expo, Berlin 2020, photo by STARTS.eu

Experience Readiness Level

The ERL is a tool that enables you to gain a deeper understanding from a humanistic point of view of how technology can improve your business processes and enhance your products and services.

Wide Reach

Contemporary reflections and public debates on various issues involving science, technology, art, industry and their impact on our society.

Luis Miguel Girão, The INL Summit Braga, Portugal, 2018, photo by STARTS.eu

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Serralves S+T+ARTS Talk – April 14th 2021

In the context of the STARTS Talks, we present the Serralves S+T+ARTS Talks series, in partnership with the Serralves Foundation, located in Porto, Portugal. Its first iteration was an eclectic conversation taking us to the world of digital innovations, NFT’s (Non-Fungible-Token) and emerging technologies. The guides of this journey were: the Secretary of State for …


Artshare’s team is passionate about helping build and enhance various business and artistic communities as well as companies and enterprises. The team is committed to developing the capacity of local, national and international organisations to support the expansion and development of artistic technological practices.

Violeta is passionate about exploring new ideas and technologies that are shaping the future of next generation internet and media solutions.

Carla has a special interest in Lifelong learning, in special on the creation and development of new ideas in collaborative projects involving industry supply chains.

Sara is constantly pushing her willingness to thrive in the area of project management in the fields of technology and innovation, arts and culture.

Luis is a transdisciplinary artist developing applications of technology as tools for artistic expression.

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