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Mindelo´s Cultural Center- São Vicente, Cape Verde

COLLECTRON is a platform for knowledge, a hybrid and collective space that allows all people, including those with special needs, to share information and generate knowledge through artistic practices, using their own bodies as interfaces to access, manipulate and exchange information among themselves. This platform allows easy integration of information about events, places of interest or any other information, as well as the presentation of pre-existing installations / performances, such as "Walking on Earth", "Opening Reading Frames", "Sound = Space Camera Based" and others, making them available to the public.

Cultural Center of Mindelo - São Vicente, Cape Verde Islands
January 26th - morning 10:30 - afternoon 15:30
Maximum participants. 20 p/session* - children from 6 aos 13 years old
January 27th - morning 10:30 - afternoon 15:30
Maximum participants. 40 p/session* - general public
* 45´ p/session

Registration required

Artistic Direction - Luis Miguel Girão (Transdisciplinary Artist)
Facilitator/Advisor - António Tavares (Dancer and Choreographer)
Production - Márcia Mourato and Ineida Cruz
Technician - Adilson Spínola and Tó Almeida

// Next Interactive Experiences //
Angola – Luanda, March 7th and 8th - Associação MU-SEKE
Brazil – Rio de Janeiro, March 20th and 21st – NaNO/UFRJ / Federal University of Rio de Janeiro


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