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December 7-8, 2011, 10am - 6pm at e-learning café da Universidade do Porto
with Guto Nóbrega

The workshop Hybrid Ecology deals with the relationship between plants and artificial systems based on a practical and theoretical experience. Guto Nóbrega, artist, teacher and researcher, will present a brief introduction to the use of plants in the context of art and its historical precedents, together with the assembly, a basic interface for the use of plants as organic sensors for hybrid interfaces. The workshop will take place in two parts, at first with a brief theoretical presentation on the topic followed by mounting an electronic shield for Arduino. On the second day the shield will be used in conjunction with Arduino and other interfaces to produce a sound experience. | vimeo | flickr

Doctor of Philosophy by The Planetary Collegium programme (former CAiiA-STAR) based on the School of Art and Media, University of Plymouth – UK (2009), where he developed 4 years of research under supervision of Prof. Roy Ascott. His doctoral thesis, funded by CAPES – BRAZIL, is a transdisciplinary research in the fields of art, science, technology and nature in which he investigates how the confluence of these domains (specially in the last decades) has informed the creation of new aesthetics experiences. As a result of this study it was developed a theoretical-practical intervention in the field of arts with focus on the ideas of interactivity, telematics, field theories, and hyperorganisms. He has been developing series of artworks which encompasses drawings, photos, videos and robotics systems. He is artist and researcher with MA in Communication, Technology and Aesthetics by ECO-UFRJ – Brazil (2003) and is Bachelor in Engraving by the Escola de Belas Artes – UFRJ – Brazil (1998). Since 1995 he lectures at the UFRJ-Brazil where currently he holds a position as Adjunct Professor and coordinates the space NANO – Nucleous of Art and New Organisms, a research lab for exploring the intersection of art science and technology. His works have been presented widely in exhibitions and conferences such as: Arizona College of Fine Arts -Arizona US, ISEA Singapore, University of Quebec in Montreal s Coeur des Sciences, University of Applied Arts Vienna, Sala Parpalló – Valência Spain, LABoral – Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial, Gijon Spain, Facultad de Ciencias Sociais y Comunicación Universidad del País Vasco – Bilbao Spain, International Institute Of Biophysics Neuss Germany, Roland Levinsky Building, University of Plymouth UK, Art Centre Plymouth UK, Barbican Theatre Plymouth UK, Cornerhouse – Manchester UK.


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