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27 October 2017 - 26 October 2018

Trondheim, Norway

The artist So Kanno is using technology and focusing on some specific matters of technology such as the relation between signal and noise, error and glitch. Making things to have a new perspective. The setup is a normal living room. Most of the objects have a twitter account and tweets something they perceived. A big television is showing the objects’ tweets. They also talk to each other via twitter. The artist wants to make them behave or think like humans. He wants to make them have a different kind of conversations which are practical, critical, nonsense, romantic. Every once in a while, they start theatre play. Their script is shown and displayed as tweets. When the theatre mode is on, the moving head does some stage effects, like spotlight, or moody colours.

“The ideal showroom of IoT / Chatroom of things” project aimed to bring the audience to think about IoT in our current world, raising the public awareness on the potential drawbacks of the Internet of Things.

Work designed by So Kanno in partnership with Create IoT, with the support of Retune Creative Technology GmbH and of VERTIGO Residencies project as part of the S+T+ARTS program of the European Commission.

Find more information about the residency and its outcomes here!