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6 October 2021

Guarda, Guarda, Portugal

inPulsos was developed under the project S2S – STARTS Towards Sustainability in direct partnership with Guarda2027 – Candidacy to European Capital of Culture. The activity took place on October 6th, 2021, in three locations in the Beira Interior Region, in Portugal – Seia, Fundão and Guarda.

The activity was born from the concept of “synapse”, applied in the scope of the Guarda2027 ECOC’s candidacy to challenge intelligence, creativity and cultural production. Thus, it was defined as a “cultural nervous system” that seeked to interconnect and transmit cultural stimuli, provoking (re)actions by both cultural agents and the population. The event unfolded into poles of creation and interpretation, or “neurons”, whose relationship/interaction in real time results in a visual performance in which music is the cultural impulse.
Through an intergenerational and eclectic language, the activity consists of an event that took place in the Beira Interior Region, in Portugal, and that combined simultaneous performances of music with a visual experience to connect the city of Guarda to the region and, in turn, to the country. In short, the musical performances by artists set in different locations were jointly broadcasted to various local radios and transmitted to another location where the media artist created a visual piece using the musical input as a stimuli.

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