LUSI Program has the main goal of promoting digital transformation and bringing together the pillars of science, technology and the arts to empower cutting-edge research and innovation. Through an adaptable and customizable approach, it opens up space for different areas of activity, sectors and production chains to explore emerging technologies and their potential applications for addressing businesses and social needs, in a sustainable and meaningful way.


Through creative experimentations, we aim to bring together industry (engineers, researchers, scientists) and artists to collaborate and explore breakthrough ideas and concepts. Creative experimentation consists of the organisation and realisation of Artistic Residencies on a specific topic or challenge. Through creative experimentation, industries and companies can explore artistic practices to achieve high innovation potential, generate new ideas, and open new markets. In the context of digital transformation, artworks are representations and demonstrations of concrete digital applications and emerging technologies.


Artistic expressions are essential for the communication of science and technological innovations in order to build a connection and create experiences with its potential users. We showcase transdisciplinary innovations and creative experimentations through the form of artworks, immersive experiences and intelligence reports. We provide the opportunity for a hands-on experience of cutting-edge solutions through events, exhibitions, Learning Labs and other interactive formats.


We aim to promote the implementation of forward-thinking ideas and concepts which push technical, engineering and conceptual boundaries to build advanced, engaged and sustainable businesses and societies. Therefore, we bring the dialogue to and involve local, national and international authorities for developing policies that address secure, sustainable and resilient actions.