NEAR + FUTURE + QUASI + WORLDS: Transdisciplinary collaboration in investigating the complexities of the contemporary world

The traveling exhibition NEAR + FUTURE + QUASI + WORLDS opened on 4th May in Salaborsa, Bologna! 

The opening conference started with an introduction by Kilowatt and followed by interesting discussions and inspirational talks with Anna Lisa Bonni, Councillor Municipality of Bologna for European Funds, Ecological Transition and International Relations; Roberto Paura, Co-founder and President of the Italian Institute for the Future; Antonio Navarra, President of the CMCC Foundation; S+T+ARTS Prize Winner 2018 Giuila Tomaselo; and Luca Baraldi, Head of Corporate Identity at Ammagamma, a company formed by mathematicians, engineers, computer scientists, philosophers and designers, specializing in Artificial Intelligence.The topic of the conference addressed one of the main challenges of our time: climate change and the global need for disruptive solutions to the carbon economy and the over-exploitation of natural resources. 

Manuel Cirauqui, curator of the exhibition, highlighted how NEAR + FUTURES + QUASI + WORLDS emphasizes the vital role that collaboration in science, technology and art can play in investigating the complexities of the contemporary world, as well as in promoting the most innovative forms of contemporary artistic creation. 
The exhibition was officially opened by the Mayor of Bologna, Matteo Lenore, and visitors can now enjoy a variety of works of internationally renowned artists.

The project wants to invite citizens, institutions, industry stakeholders, and the creative community to explore the key role that art-driven collaboration and transversal knowledge production are meant to play in a society where the fundamentals of future life need to be entirely reassessed.  

You can visit the exhibition till 29th May in Auditorium Biagi, Biblioteca Salaborsa, Bologna, Italy. 

The exhibition is organized under the S+T+ARTS initiative as a collaboration between Artshare – Intelligence, Technology and Arts and Kilowatt, and further supported by Fondazione Innovazione Urbana and Municipality of Bologna. The exhibition is part of the official programme of Art City Bologna 2022

Co-production: Serra Madre 

Photo Credits: Lorenzo Burlando

“Hilbert Hotel” by Evelina Domnitch and Dmitry Gelfand, 2022 NFQW Bologna.
First visitors of the NFQW Exhibition in Auditorium Biagi, Biblioteca Salaborsa, 2022.
Manuel Cirauqui and Matteo Lepore in front of Iris Van Herpen’s “Magnetic Motion Collection”.
Matteo Lepore, Mayor of Bologna, officially opening the NFQW Bologna 2022 Exhibition.
“The Murder Of Pavlos Fyssas” by Forensic Architecture, 2022 NFQW Bologna.