SERRALVES S+T+ARTS TALK 2021: The emerging role of the arts in the green digital transition

In the context of the STARTS Talks, we present the Serralves S+T+ARTS Talk, in partnership with the Serralves Foundation, located in Porto, Portugal.

Its first iteration was an eclectic conversation taking us to the world of digital innovations, NFT’s (Non-Fungible-Token) and emerging technologies. The guides of this journey were: the Secretary of State for Digital Transition, André de Aragão Azevedo, who unites charm and intelligence to lead the green digital transition in Portugal. The President of the Serralves Foundation, Ana Pinho, extrapolates the bubble of traditional museums and shows us a universe of incredible possibilities for the creation and transformation of ideas in Serralves. It is not by chance that Ana supports disruptive projects such as S2S – STARTS Towards Sustainability and the creation of the New Digital Innovation Hub in Portugal.

[…] It is so important to stimulate this STARTS movement. This is also what we are trying to achieve in Portugal – a multicultural, tolerant, inclusive and diverse economy and society based in the belief that this is the key for a more competitive economy and much more interesting and happy society.

André de Aragão Azevedo

Also taking part in the conversation was the talented MEP Eva Kaili, who once shone on European television as a TV presenter and today, shows us how effective policies can be the key to Europe’s economic development. Senior Expert at the European Commission Ralph Dum, with his voice full of wisdom worthy of the great masters, accumulates experience and knowledge in science, technology and art.

Besides having the authentic and irreverent digital artist Leonel Moura, a pioneer in the use of digital technologies for the innovation of products and services, through art. From Portugal to China, Leonel rules. This rich debate was moderated by Luis Miguel Girão, NATO Art Expert, Artshare CEO and lover of music and geodesic domes.

Thus, these very different personalities have united on a common point: the desire to debate on concrete activities, already carried out or still in progress within the framework of the European Union (EU) Single Digital Market Initiative, especially in the context of the current EU Presidency.

All this multicultural mix had the theme “The emerging role of the arts in the green digital transition – the case of Portugal: how the collaboration of entrepreneurs, science, technology and arts is crucial for contemporary economies and societies” and paved the way for other topics such as the New European Bauhaus (NEB) initiative; the challenges for the digital transition in Portugal and the phenomenon of NFT’s also came up in this interesting conversation.

Watch the 1st edition of Serralves S+T+ARTS Talks here.

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